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Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua
Born 18 June 1949
Dhok Pir Bakhsh, Rawalpindi District, Punjab, Pakistan
Died 10 December 1971(1971-12-10) (aged 22)
Harar Khurd, Punjab, India
Allegiance  Pakistan
Service/branch  Pakistan Army
Years of service 1966–1971
Rank Soldier (Sawar)
Unit 20 Lancers
Battles/wars Indo-Pakistani War of 1971
Awards Nishan-e-Haider

Sawar Muhammad Hussain Janjua was born in Janjua family of Dhok Pir Bakhsh (now Dhok Muhammad Hussain Janjua named after him in commemoration of his Gallantry) near Jatli in Gujar Khan Punjab, on 18 June 1949. He joined Pakistan Army as a driver on 3 September 1966 at a very young age of 17 years. Despite being a driver he always yearned to participate in active battle a spirit which is commendable and applausable and His God answered his Labbaik in the war of 71.

Sawar Muhammad Hussain being the part of Pakistan Army was in the 20th Lancers Armoured regiment, when war broke out in 1971, Sawar Muhammad Hussain took an active part in every battle in which his unit was engaged unmindful of any danger, no matter how grave.

It was on 5 December 1971 that while braving intense shelling and direct fire from enemy tanks and infantry, he went from trench to trench delivering ammunition to the frontline soldiers.It was documented by his company men that on the following day, he went out with four fighting patrols and undertook most hazardous missions however on 10 December 1971 he spotted the enemy digging in along a minefield near the village of Harar Khurd along the minefield laid out by Pakistan Army. He thus immediately informed the second- in-command of his unit but simultaneously on his own initiative he directed accurate fire at the enemy resulting in the destruction of sixteen enemy tanks.

Thus while directing fire from recoilless rifles, he was hit in the chest by a burst of machine-gun fire and embraced Shahadat on 10 December 1971 at the age of 22. Sawar Muhammad Hussain had the distinction of being the first Jawan (a rank of foot soldier in Pakistan Army) to be awarded the highest award Nishan-e-Haider for his gallantry, unmatchable.

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Nishan Haider Ribbon.gif Nishan-e-Haider (NH)


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