Sawaragi Station

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Sawaragi Station

Sawaragi Station (沢良宜駅 Sawaragi-eki?) is a monorail station on the Osaka Monorail located in Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan.



There is an island platform and two tracks elevated. The platform is sealed in with glass walls and doors.

1  Osaka Monorail Main Line for Kadomashi
2  Osaka Monorail Main Line for Osaka Airport

Stations next to Sawaragi[edit]

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Osaka Monorail Main Line (20)
Minami Ibaraki (19) - Settsu (21)

Coordinates: 34°47′38″N 135°33′57″E / 34.7939°N 135.5659°E / 34.7939; 135.5659