Sawback poacher

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Sawback poacher
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Scorpaeniformes
Family: Agonidae
Genus: Sarritor
Species: S. frenatus
Binomial name
Sarritor frenatus
(Gilbert, 1896)
  • Odontopyxis frenatus Gilbert, 1896
  • Leptagonus frenatus (Gilbert, 1896)
  • Sarritor frenatus frenatus (Gilbert, 1896)
  • Sarritor frenatus occidentalis Lindberg & Andriashev, 1937

The Sawback poacher[2] (Sarritor frenatus) is a fish in the family Agonidae (poachers).[3] It was described by Charles Henry Gilbert in 1896, originally under the genus Odontopyxis.[4] It is a marine, temperate water-dwelling fish which is known from the northern Pacific Ocean, including Japan, the Gulf of Anadyr, the Bering Sea, the Aleutian chain, and British Columbia, Canada. It dwells at a depth range of 18 to 975 metres (59 to 3,199 ft), and inhabits soft sediments. Males can reach a maximum total length of 27 centimetres (11 in).[3]

The Sawback poacher is preyed on by bony fish including the Pacific cod, the Kamchatka flounder, the Pacific halibut, the Aleutian skate, and Careproctus cyclocephalus.[5] Its own diet consists of fish, fish eggs, fish offal, amphipods, euphausiids, isopods, shrimp, and polychaetes.[6]


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