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Coordinates: 50°21′15″N 4°38′28″W / 50.354197°N 4.6410°W / 50.354197; -4.6410

The Sawmills Studios at low tide

Sawmills Studios, created in 1974 near Golant on the banks of the River Fowey in Cornwall, is a recording studio used most notably by musicians such as The Stone Roses ("Fools Gold") and The Verve (A Storm in Heaven) Muse, Oasis, Catatonia and Supergrass.[1]

Founded by the record producer Tony Cox in 1974, the studio building is located on its own tidal creek on the banks of the Fowey.[2] Sawmills was one of the first residential recording facilities in the UK.[3] The main building is a former 17th century water mill and the site has a documented history stretching back to the 11th century.

The location is unusual as it can only be accessed by boat or the Saints' Way footpath that runs past the studio

Dangerous Records[edit]

The present owner of the studio, Dennis Smith, formed a record label based at Sawmills, Dangerous Records, releasing the first two EPs by Muse, who began their career at Sawmills, and later formed Taste Media for the band.[4]


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