Sawtooth Range (Nunavut)

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Sawtooth Range
Sawtooth Range (04-08-97).jpg
Sawtooth Range; in front: Slidre Fiord and Fosheim Peninsula
Country Canada
State/Province Nunavut
Range coordinates 79°35′N 83°15′W / 79.58°N 83.25°W / 79.58; -83.25Coordinates: 79°35′N 83°15′W / 79.58°N 83.25°W / 79.58; -83.25
Parent range Arctic Cordillera
Slidre Fiord with Eureka Weather Station: Fosheim Peninsula and Sawtooth Range

The Sawtooth Range is a jagged snow-capped mountain range on central Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada. It lies between the Fosheim Peninsula and the Wolf Valley. The Sawtooth Range is a subrange of the Arctic Cordillera. It also runs through a Canadian Forces Station, called Eureka, a base used to study atmospheric changes.


Widespread clastic deposits, 80–1,800 m (260–5,910 ft) long, on the eastern side of the Sawtooth Range are the result of debris flows and slushflows.[1]

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