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Sawyerpuram is located in Tamil Nadu
Location in Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 8°29′N 78°06′E / 8.49°N 78.1°E / 8.49; 78.1Coordinates: 8°29′N 78°06′E / 8.49°N 78.1°E / 8.49; 78.1
Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Tuticorin
 • Type Tamil Nadu
 • Official Tamil
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)
PIN 628251
Telephone code (0091) 04630
Nearest city Tuticorin
Vidhan Sabha constituency Srivaikundam

Sawyerpuram is a town panchayat in Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu, India. Microliths are found in large in numbers around Sawyerpuram (and additionally in Kulattur, Tirunelveli). They were found embedded in the fossil-bearing sand dunes. These available evidences in Sawyerpuram point the chronology of the Microlithic culture in South India to circa 4000 B.C year.[1][2]

Since the missionary Dr. G. U. Pope ministered in this place, the population is predominantly Christian.

Statue of Dr. G.U. Pope in Chennai

Religions & Cultures[edit]

Religions: Hinduism & Christianity


99% is the literacy rate of Sawyerpuram people according to 2013 census.

Life Expectancy and Environment[edit]

The small town is known for peaceful environment and considered to be the cleanest small town in india with less population and the average life expectancy is 83.7 and which is higher than any small towns in India.

Sawyerpuram has 0% wind pollution 0% water pollution and less corrupted politics and well organized system, Sawyerpuram is known for its cleanliness and peaceful environment.

List of Colleges[edit]

  • Pope's College of Arts and Science
  • Dr.G.U. Pope College of Engineering
  • Dr.G.U. Pope College of Education
  • Jeya Polytechnic College

List of Schools[edit]

  • Pope Memorial Higher Secondary School
  • St. Mary's Girls Higher Secondary School
  • A.M.A.Hindu Higher Secondary School
  • National Nursery and Primary School
  • Martin Nursery and Primary School
  • A.M.A Hindu Nursery and Primary School
  • Gnanasigamani Evangelical Primary School

National and International Transportation[edit]

Natural Resources & Climate[edit]

In summer the climate remains warm and on other seasons the climate can be cool and windy. This small town is also known for the cultivation of bananas and rice because of its red soil and jack fruit, star fruit, jambul fruit, pea nut, cucumber are also cultivated in few places around the town.

Unripe star fruit on the tree in Theri Area
Banana tree of sawyerpuram
Young jackfruit
Ripe jambul fruits ripe from tree


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