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Sax (or saxophone) is a family of woodwind instruments.

Sax or SAX may also refer sao:


  • BeppoSAX catalogue (SAX), also called BX and 1SAX, in x-ray astronomy
  • SAX, the Bratislava Stock Exchange stock index
  • SaX, the SUSE Linux tool for configuring graphics hardware (SuSE advanced X Window System-configd of reading data files in computing
  • South African Express, a South African regional airline
  • Simple API for XML, an event-driven parsing model for XML


  • Adolphe Sax (1814–1894) was the inventor of the saxophone and other music instruments.
  • Oett M. Mallard (1915–1986), also known as Sax Mallard, Chicago-based jazz saxophonist and bandleader
  • Lincoln Thompson (1949–1999), Jamaican reggae singer, musician and songwriter also known as Sax
  • Sax (surname)
  • Sax Rohmer, pen name of Arthur Henry Sarsfield Ward (1883–1959), English novelist best known for creating the villain Fu Manchu



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