Saxton, North Yorkshire

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All Saints' Church, Saxton
The Greyhound at Saxton

Saxton is a small, affluent village in North Yorkshire, England, about 15 miles southwest from York and about 12 miles east from Leeds. The resident population is about 250. It is close to the battlefield of Towton (Wars of the Roses). The closest town is Tadcaster.

The place-name 'Saxton' is first attested in the Domesday Book of 1086, where it appears as Saxtun. This is from the Old English Seax-tūn, meaning 'town or settlement of the Saxons'.[1]

Saxton is home to All Saints' C of E church, a primary school, a village hall, one pub, the Greyhound owned and operated by Samuel Smith's Old Brewery, a cricket club, and the surviving medieval motte of Saxton Castle which was built in the eleventh century.

The men who gave their lives in the First World War are remembered on the War Memorial outside All Saints' Church and a plaque inside the church. A link to the website can be found below.


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