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Say Anything discography
Max Say Anything.jpg
Max Bemis of Say Anything
Studio albums 6
Music videos 9
EPs 4
Singles 9
B-sides 49

The discography of Say Anything, an American rock band from Los Angeles, California. Say Anything is composed of Max Bemis (lead vocals), Coby Linder (drums), Jake Turner (guitar, vocals), Jeff Turner (guitar, vocals), and Parker Case (keyboard, vocals). They have released five studio albums, four EPs, and seven singles (along with music videos for each single).[1] In addition, they have appeared on numerous compilation albums and have recorded many tracks that were never officially released.

In addition to this, as with any band with a large fanbase, there exist numerous live recordings of Say Anything, often recorded off of radio programs such as DJ Rossstar and GTFU.

Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Chart positions Sales
Billboard 200
Top Heatseekers
US Alternative Albums
US Rock Albums
2001 Baseball: An Album by Sayanything
  • Released: October 18, 2001
  • Label: Independent
2004 ...Is a Real Boy
  • Released: August 3, 2004
  • Label: Doghouse
8 20,000[3]
2007 In Defense of the Genre
  • Released: October 23, 2007
  • Label: J
27 8 12 25,228[4]
2009 Say Anything
  • Released: November 3, 2009
  • Label: RCA
25 7 9 16,647[5]
2012 Anarchy, My Dear[6] 22 4 5 11,960[7]
2014 Hebrews
  • Released: June 10, 2014
  • Label: Equal Vision
37 7 17,950
2016 I Don't Think It Is
  • Released: February 5, 2016
  • Label: Equal Vision
31 3 2 19,000

Extended plays[edit]

Release date Title Label
2000 Junior Varsity Self-released
2001 In Your Dreams
2002 Menorah/Majora
2004 For Sale Tour EP Doghouse


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
US Alternative
2003 "A Boston Peace" Non-album single(s)
2005 "Belt (Acoustic)"
"Alive With the Glory of Love" 28 ...Is a Real Boy
2007 "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too" ...Was a Real Boy
"Baby Girl, I'm a Blur" 29 In Defense of the Genre
2008 "Shiksa (Girlfriend)"
2009 "Hate Everyone" 31 Say Anything
2011 "Burn a Miracle" Anarchy, My Dear
2014 "Judas Decapitation" Hebrews
"—" denotes singles that did not chart.

Music videos[edit]

Year Title Album
2006 "Alive with the Glory of Love"[8] ...Is a Real Boy
2007 "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"[9] ...Was a Real Boy
"Baby Girl, I'm a Blur"[10] In Defense of the Genre
2008 "Shiksa (Girlfriend)"[11]
2009 "Hate Everyone" Say Anything
2012 "Say Anything" Anarchy, My Dear
"Burn a Miracle"
2014 "Six Six Six" Hebrews
2016 "Give a Damn" I Don't Think It Is


Year Song Album Label
2008 "Tickle Me Red" Favorite Gentlemen Recordings/Gnome Records Sampler Favorite Gentlemen Recordings/Gnome Records
"Shiksa (Girlfriend)" Vans Warped Tour '08 SideOneDummy Records
"I Got Your Money" (Ol' Dirty Bastard cover) Punk Goes Crunk Fearless Records
2007 "Walk Through Hell" Alternative Press Play Volume 1: Back to School Photo Finish Records
"Woe" Punk Goes Acoustic 2 Fearless Records
"Walk Through Hell" Punk the Clock 3—Property of a Gentleman Punk the Clock
2006 "Alive with the Glory of Love" Caddy of the Year, Vol. 4 Below Par Records
"The Man in Me" (Bob Dylan cover featuring Chris Conley of Saves the Day) Paupers, Peasants, Princes & Kings: The Songs Of Bob Dylan Doghouse Records
2005 "Alive with the Glory of Love" The Soundtrack to Your Summer! Doghouse Records
"Woe" Drive-Thru Records and—Bands You Love, Have Heard of, and Should Know Drive-Thru Records
"Every Man Has a Molly" MySpace Records Volume 1 MySpace Records
2004 "Belt"
"Alive with the Glory of Love"
New Music from the American Landscape Doghouse Records
2003 "But a Fleeting Illness"
"Woe (The Optimist)"
Spring/Summer Sampler 2003 Doghouse Records
"Spider Song" Doghouse 100 Doghouse Records

The song "I Got Your Money" was originally slated to appear on the album Yo!: Indie Rock Raps on Immortal Records, but the compilation was scrapped by the label before its slated 2007 release.

Other songs[edit]

Most of the band's unreleased songs predate ...Is a Real Boy. Along with the band's demos and other above-listed songs, they are available to download from the band's online forum.[12][13][14]

Baseball demos[edit]

  • "Colorblind" (Rough Demo)
  • "Sure, Baby... Hold Back" (Demo)
  • "That's That" (Demo) (later retitled "That's That (Do What We Want)")

Dormroom demos[edit]

Most of Say Anything's unreleased songs from the set of tracks known as Dormroom Demos, were recorded by Max Bemis in his dorm room while at Sarah Lawrence College.[12][15][16]

  1. "For the Silent"
  2. "Until the Bombs"
  3. "All This Fashion"
  4. "You Help Them" †
  5. "Transylvanian" †
  6. "Signal the Riflemen"
  7. "The Great Awakening"
  8. "A Boston Peace"
  9. "The Keg Is Bleeding"
  10. "By Tonight" †
  11. "My Bare Hands"
  12. "Try to Remember, Forget" †
  13. "Certain Type of Genius"
  14. "I Want to Know Your Plans" ‡
  15. "Nudity"
  16. "Dealer" (Safety In Numbers cover)

† Released as part of Menorah/Majora
‡ Released as part of Menorah/Majora and ...Is a Real Boy, the latter as a rerecording

...Is a Real Boy demos[edit]

  1. "Belt"
  2. "The Writhing South"
  3. "Alive with the Glory of Love"
  4. "Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat"
  5. "Tiny Portions, Artful Abortions" (later renamed "The Futile")
  6. "An Orgy of Critics"
  7. "Slowly, Through a Vector"
  8. "Molly Conelly " (later renamed "Every Man Has a Molly")
  9. "I Shall Grow" (later renamed "Chia-Like, I Shall Grow")
  10. "Admit It!!!"

Florida demos[edit]

  1. "But a Fleeting Illness"
  2. "Spider Song" (later renamed "Spidersong")
  3. "Woe (The Optimist)" (later renamed "Woe")

Vs. AIDS demos[edit]

The songs that would eventually make up ...Was a Real Boy were originally slated for release as a benefit album entitled Say Anything vs. AIDS, the proceeds from which would, appropriately enough, go to support AIDS research.[17] The songs differ from their commercially-released counterparts in that they had yet to be properly mastered, and that the titles for many songs were different. One song does not appear on the commercial release.

Track number Old Title (if Applicable) Title on ...Was a Real Boy
1 "Metal Now"
2 Purple Sky "Most Beautiful Plague"
3 There's a Man Assigned to Me "Total Revenge"
4 "It's a Metaphor, Fool"
5 "Wow, I Can Be Sexual" "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too"
6 "I Will Never Write an Obligatory Song About Being on the Road & Missing Someone"
7 "Don't Dance So Close to Me" "Little Girls"
08 "You Don't See Me Right"

Miscellaneous demos[edit]

  • "Mystery Rash" (demo of "We Will Erase All Life on Earth but Us")
  • "Treblinkah" (demo of "Alive with the Glory of Love")
  • "The Man in Me" (demo of the Bob Dylan cover, featuring Chris Conley of Saves the Day)
  • "Yellow Cat/Red Cat" (rough demo)
  • "Thoughts on a Liberal Education" (rough demo)
  • "But a Fleeting Illness" (Demo)
  • "The Presidential Suite (Electric)" (acoustic demo of "The Presidential Suite")
  • "The Great Awakening" (Possible early demo of 'spay me')

Non-demo unreleased songs[edit]

  • "Jessie and My Whetstone" (Saves the Day cover)
  • "Dammit" (blink-182 cover)
  • "Joel on the Other Planets"
  • "Thoughts on a Liberal Education"
  • "The Presidential Suite (Acoustic)"

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