Say Hi to Pencil!

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Say Hi to Pencil!
Directed by Huỳnh Thanh Thanh
Phạm Phương Anh
Produced by Huỳnh Thanh Thanh
Phạm Phương Anh
Screenplay by Huỳnh Thanh Thanh
Phạm Phương Anh
Music by Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn
Edited by Nguyễn Hữu Tuấn
Distributed by SleepingCatFilm
Release date
  • 2011 (2011)
Running time
5 minutes
Country Vietnam
Language Vietnamese

Say Hi to Pencil![1] (Vietnamese : Xin chào Bút Chì !) is a 2011 Vietnamese clay animation comedy film produced by the group SleepingCatFilm.

The story tells of the life of the pen. At the corner of her study was small all students always have enough color ink pen sac.Mot day she returned from school carrying a pen chi.Tu that life is fun of the pen ink has been disturbed as she loved all pencil small, frequent use and spoil it all by the convenience level.

The pen is very sad and disappointed. We believe Pencil Pen Ink can not live with is so decided to go chase Pencil, Pencil sharpener tattered they threw him to the floor and, lying alone in a place difficult to find.

Now her home under construction. Pencil should not find to do all by pens made trash bin exam, dirty and poor scores (c -). Seeing her cry all, the new pen has broken its probably cause serious consequences should repent. We realize that, despite their differences, are the pen and can live happily together.

Main characters[edit]

  • Pen family
  • Pencil

Directed and written[edit]

Directed and written by: Phuong Anh Pham, Thanh Hynh, Huynh Thanh Thanh. Sound: Huu tuan nguyen .


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