Say Yes (Elliott Smith song)

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"Say Yes"
Song by Elliott Smith
from the album Either/Or
Released 25 February 1997
Length 2:19
Label Kill Rock Stars
Songwriter(s) Smith
Producer(s) Smith, Tom Rothrock, Rob Schnapf

"Say Yes" is the final track of Elliott Smith's 1997 album Either/Or, and one of three tracks from Either/Or that was used in the soundtrack of Good Will Hunting.

Background and content[edit]

"Say Yes" is one of Smith's widely recognized songs.[1] It is considered happy[2] and optimistic[3] in both instrumentation and lyrics in comparison to the dark tone in most of his other songs.[4] In an interview, Smith said that the song was written about "someone particular, and I almost never do that. I was really in love with someone."[5]

Live performances[edit]

Smith performed the song often,[6][7] even during full band shows, in which he would play the song solo on an acoustic guitar.[1]


"Say Yes" has been used in a wide variety of movies, including Hurricane Streets and American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, as well as being covered by Death Cab for Cutie[8] and live by Ben Folds.[9] It was also covered in an episode of One Tree Hill, when Bryan Greenberg sings to his daughter Jenny.

Cover versions[edit]

Year Artist Album
2004 Dave House Kingston's Current
2011 The Xcerts Stairs to Noise

According to an interview, actor/musician Jack Black covered the song in a memoriam concert for Elliott Smith years after his death. He reportedly hesitated on the words several times; it was not until the eighth or ninth time that he got it right.


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