Say Yes (film)

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Say Yes
Say Yes film poster.jpg
Theatrical poster
Revised Romanization Saei Yaeseu
McCune–Reischauer Sei Yesŭ
Directed by Kim Sung-hong
Produced by Hwang Gi-seong
Written by Yeo Hye-young
Starring Park Joong-hoon
Chu Sang-mi
Kim Joo-hyuk
Music by Jo Seong-woo
Cinematography Lee Dong-sam
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Distributed by Cinema Service
Release date
  • August 17, 2001 (2001-08-17)
Running time
105 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

Say Yes (Hangul세이 예스; RRSaei Yaeseu) is a 2001 South Korean film.


Young married couple Yoon-hee and Jung-hyun go on a road trip, and along the way they pick up a lone drifter, Em. Em turns out to be a violent and sadistic psychopath who terrorises the couple at every turn. After capturing Jung-hyun, Em gives him a choice: submit to torture or allow Em to kill Yoon-hee.



Say Yes was released in South Korea on 17 August 2001, and received a total of 55,200 admissions in Seoul.[1]


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