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Saya may refer to:



  • Saya Aye (1872–1930), major painter from Mandalay of the Traditional School who took some of the earliest steps in Burma in modernizing and Westernizing his painting, both religious and secular
  • Saya Chang (張惠春), a pop singer from Taiwan (and A-mei's younger sister)
  • Saya Misaki (1985–2007), Japanese adult film actress
  • Saya Mochizuki (born 1976), former Japanese idol and model
  • Saya Myit (1888–1966), major painter of the Traditional School in Burma who was a painter of Buddhist works for religious sites in Lower Burma
  • Saya San (1876–1931), monk, a physician and the leader of the “Saya San Rebellion” of 1930–1932 in Burma
  • Saya Saung (1898–1952), early Burmese watercolorist who adopted the Western style of painting and became famous in Burma for his landscape works
  • Saya Sayantsetseg, Mongolian concert pianist and professor of music
  • Saya Tin (1892–1950), Burmese composer
  • Saya Woolfalk (born 1979), American artist known for her multimedia exploration of hybridity, science, race, and sex
  • Saya Yūki, Japanese actress


  • Saya, Aichi, a former town in Aichi, Japan
  • Saya River
  • Saya Station, a train station on the Meitetsu Bisai Line located in Aisai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is located 4.8 kilometers from the terminus of the Bisai Line at Yatomi
  • Saya de Malha

Other uses[edit]