Sayaka Kitahara

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Sayaka Kitahara
Born (1993-11-29) November 29, 1993 (age 23)
Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Musical career
Genres Japanese pop
Years active 2004–present
Associated acts

Sayaka Kitahara (北原沙弥香, Kitahara Sayaka), born on November 29, 1993 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, is a Japanese pop singer, voice actress, and actress.


In 2004, Sayaka Kitahara became a member of Hello Pro Egg, under Hello! Project. In 2008, she became a part of the unit MilkyWay, as a tie-in to the anime Kirarin Revolution, in which all three members of the group have parts, with Kitahara as Noel Yukino ; the band sing the last theme songs of the show, and their two singles rank in the top 10 of the oricon music charts.[1] The serie ends in 2009, then in 2010 she plays a main part in the horror movie Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki.[2]

She is graduated from Hello Pro Egg in 2011, and begins a solo career.[3] Since then, she voices the part of Aoi Sorano in the anime Inazuma Eleven GO, and sings the ending themes of the serie, as "Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka)" ; her first three solo singles as "Sorano Aoi (...)" also chart on oricon.[4]  On September 9, 2012 it was announced that Kitahara Sayaka would join Avex beginning October, 2012. On 2013, she became a part of the unit COLORS(カラーズ) as "Sorano Aoi (CV:Kitahara Sayaka) with "Morimura Konoha(CV:Yuki Aoi)", then with "Mizukawa Minori(CV:Takagaki Ayahi)". Now she is also a part of COLORS but as "Kitahara Sayaka" with "Kobayashi Yuu". This is the first time she sings as "Kitahara Sayaka", not "Sorano Aoi(CV:Kitahara Sayaka)" nor "Yukino Noel(CV:Kitahara Sayaka)".

Solo discography[edit]


As « Sorano Aoi (CV: Kitahara Sayaka) »

  • 2011/06/22 : Yappa Seishun (やっぱ青春)
  • 2011/11/09 : Kanari Juujou (かなり純情)
  • 2012/02/08 : Hajike-Yo!! (HAJIKE-YO!!)
  • 2012/06/13 : "Natsu ga Yattekuru (夏がやってくる)
  • 2013/03/06 : Haru NO Gradation (春のグラデーション)


  • 2013/07/03 : Katte Ni Cinderella (勝手にシンデレラ)
  • 2013/11/16 : Fashion Uchuu Senshi (ファッション 宇宙戦士)
  • 2014/03/06 : Arashi Tatsumaki Hurricane (嵐 竜巻 ハリケーン)



List of voice performances in anime
Year Title Role Source
2008-2009 Kirarin Revolution Yukino Noel [5]
2011-2012 Inazuma Eleven GO Sorano Aoi [5]
2012 Inazuma Eleven GO VS Danball Senki W Sorano Aoi [5]
2012-2013 Inazuma Eleven GO: Chrono Stone Sorano Aoi [5]
2013-2014 Inazuma Eleven GO: Galaxy Sorano Aoi [5]
2014 Space Dandy Sidekick Emily [5]
2016 Concrete Revolutio: The Last Song Momose [5]
2016 My Hero Academia All Might's fan [5]
2016 Aikatsu Stars! Upperclassman [5]
2016 Berserk (2016 TV series) Maid [5]
2016 Days Sayuri's friend [5]
2017 Armed Girl's Machiavellism Mary Kikakujou [6]
  • 2010 : Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki


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