Sayat-Nova Avenue

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Sayat-Nova Avenue
Sayat Nova Avenue, Yerevan 13.jpg
Sayat-Nova Avenue
Native name Սայաթ-Նովայի պողոտա  (Armenian)
Length 1.2 km (0.7 mi)
Location Kentron District,
Yerevan Armenia
Inauguration 27 October 1963; 58 years ago (1963-10-27)

Sayat-Nova Avenue (Armenian: Սայաթ-Նովայի պողոտա Sayat-Nova'i Poghota), is an avenue in the central Kentron District of Yerevan, Armenia. It is named after the 18th-century Armenian poet and musician Sayat-Nova. It was officially inaugurated on 27 October 1963.

The avenue starts with the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue at the northwest and ends up with the Charents street to the southeast.[1]

Notable buildings[edit]

Many notable buildings in the city of Yerevan are located on the Sayat-Nova Avenue. Below is a list of the most attractive structures located on the avenue:



Coordinates: 40°11′01″N 44°31′07″E / 40.18361°N 44.51861°E / 40.18361; 44.51861