Sayavaneswarar Temple

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Sayavaneswarar Temple
Talaichangadu sangaranesvarar temple1.jpg
Sayavaneswarar Temple is located in Tamil Nadu
Sayavaneswarar Temple
Sayavaneswarar Temple
Location in Tamil Nadu
Coordinates 11°7′50″N 79°47′24″E / 11.13056°N 79.79000°E / 11.13056; 79.79000Coordinates: 11°7′50″N 79°47′24″E / 11.13056°N 79.79000°E / 11.13056; 79.79000
Country India
State Tamil Nadu
District Nagapatnam
Location Tamil Nadu, India
Primary deity Sayavaneswarar(Shiva)
Architectural styles Dravidian architecture

The Sayavaneswarar Temple or Chayavaneswarar is a Hindu temple situated in the village of Thirusaikkadu [or Thiruchaykkadu or Chaayavanam] near Puhar in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu, India. The presiding deity is the Hindu god Shiva. The temple dates from the time of the Medieval Cholas. The Saivite Nayanmars have sung of the temple in their songs.

The Temple[edit]

The temple occupies around 2 acre of land and a tank across the temple.


Lord Vishnu worshiped Lord Shiva to acquire the famous conch, Panchajanyam.

There is a famous temple, Thalai Sanga Nanmathiyam, a Divyadesam, dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the same village.