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Sayed Ihsanuddin Taheri is the FINA Media Committee member - Asia and President of Afghanistan National Swimming Federation

Sayed Ihsanuddin Taheri, or Sayed Ihsan Taheri (in Persian and Pashto: سید احسان الدین طاهری / سید احسان طاهری) (born in December 1984), is an Afghan civil activist, politician and independent author, writer and blogger who was a 2012 World Vision International PeaceMaker Prize nominee. He is an official of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, who has held various positions since 2002.

He is the founding member of Afghanistan 3rd Trend (روند ٣ افغانستان) Afghanistan's Youth Socio-Political Trend. He is also the Elected President of Afghanistan National Swimming Federation - ANSF [1] and elected member of the FINA - International Swimming Federation-'s Media Committee [2]. Previously, he headed the Afghan Government Monitoring and Evaluation Authority at the Administrative Office of the President - AOP- of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. More, he served in the Presidential Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat as Director of Information and Public Relations and Afghan Government Spokesperson.

Before that, he served in the Ministry of Education as Advisor to the Minister in Mass Communications and TV development where he developed the Educational Radio and Television of Afghanistan "MARIF rtv" to a better quality picture to gain more and further viewers. He was awarded as Universal Peace FederationNetherlands Ambassador for Peace to Afghanistan.[1][2]

From 1996 to 2001, during Taliban regime in Afghanistan, Taheri lived in Pakistan with his family. He helped young Afghan immigrants and Pakistani students teaching English as a second language and various computer programs. In addition, he also gave tuition of school books to the Afghan children. He started serving his country in diverse forms when he was 15.

Taheri previously worked in different Afghan government organizations and UN-supported agencies. He was Head of Administration for the office of the Presidential Spokesperson and Directorate of Communications of the Palace and Head of Programs Management Unit of the Afghan Government Media and Information Center –GMIC, 2009. Between 2005 and 2008, he served as Special Assistant Director General of the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat, Assistant Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, and the Asia Foundation Consultant to Office of Administrative Affairs for Center of the Government Reforming process.

Governors National Conference was held in 2013 in Kabul where all the governors of Afghanistan 34 provinces got together and discussed their concerns with the leadership of the government.

Taheri worked for the JEMB (Joint Electoral Management Body) and the AIEC (Interim Afghan Election Commission) that was established to run the first Presidential and Parliamentary Elections after 2001 where he and his colleagues managed to register 11.5 million Afghan voters and in the Constitution-forming process in several senior positions.  These projects were jointly lead and managed by the Government of Afghanistan and United Nations office in Afghanistan, UNAMA.  He worked with the Vice President of Afghanistan as Executive Assistant for two years.

Taheri has attended many conferences nationally and internationally on the issues relevant to young generation of Afghanistan, political and election affairs, contributing with analyzing the current situation and making recommendations. He is an active member of the peace process in his country; as a young Afghan he took part in historical processes including the making of the Constitution, the first-ever presidential elections, the Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Peace Jirga, and Consultative Loya jirga for talks on Afghan – American Strategic Partnership. He was leading the Protocol and Formalities Committee of the 2013 Afghanistan Consultative Loya Jirga on Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States, the BSA.

Taheri has been quoted as saying: "Working for the poor and helping them is a wish that I want to convert into reality."


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