Zeila District

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Zeila District
Flag of Zeila District
Position of Zeila District within the Zeila & Lughaya State
Position of Zeila District within the Zeila & Lughaya State
Country  Somalia
Region Zeila & Lughaya State
Capital Zeila
 • Total 18,600
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Zeila District (Somali: Degmada Saylac) is a district of the Zeila & Lughaya State in northwestern Somalia.[1] Its capital is at Zeila (Saylac). Local control of the district has been disputed between the autonomous Zeila & Lughaya State, a autonomous state in northern Somalia, and Somaliland, a self-declared republic that is internationally recognized onley as an autonomous region of Somalia and local unionist authorities of Saylac & Lughaya State.

Zeila & Lughaya State, or Saylac & Lughaya State, officially the Zeila & Lughaya State of Somalia, (Somali: Maamul Goboleedka Saylac & Lughaya ee Soomaaliya) cover the Zeila & Lughaya State in northwestern Somalia. Saylac and Lughaya State was formed in 2011 and on 7 February 2012 officially go out of Somaliland, claiming to be a federal state of Somalia. Zeila State is proclaimed first. It later united with Lugayhe to form the state of Sayla and Lugayhe. Each individual state and the combined state has its own flag. The capital is Zeila (Saylac). Unlike the secessionist Somaliland region in northern Somalia, Zelia & Lughaya State is not trying to obtain international recognition as a separate nation. However, the government of Somaliland soon regained some kind of control of the territory. The territory has a total area of 18,566 km with population of 105,000. Its main city is Zeila (Saylac), which is situated on the coast. Lughaya, Asha Addo, Harirad, Jidhi and Lawyacado are the other principal cities in the region.

Saylac & Lughaya State Map.png

Towns of "Zeila & Lughaya State"[edit]

Saylac & Lughaya State
Town names Population
Zeila 8,600
Lawyacado 1,600
Lughaya 1,501
Ceel Gaal 124
Abdol Ghadar 567
Xariirad 678
Asha Addo 421
Jidhi 249


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