Saylyugem Mountains

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Saylyugem Mountains (Russian: Сайлюгем, Sajljugem; Mongolian: Сийлхэмийн нуруу, Sílhemín nurú), or Sailughem, is a mountain range in the Southeastern part of Altai Mountains. The range stretches 130 km north-east from 49° N and 86° E towards the western extremity of the Sayan Mountains in 51° 60' N and 89° E. Their mean elevation is 1,500 to 1,750 m. The snow-line runs at 2,000 m on the northern side and at 2,400 m on the southern, and above it the rugged peaks tower up some 1,000 m more.


Coordinates: 49°27′28″N 88°48′49″E / 49.4578°N 88.8137°E / 49.4578; 88.8137