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{{Infobox settlement
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|official_name = Sayre, Pennsylvania
|other_name =
|native_name =
|nickname =
|settlement_type = [[Borough (Pennsylvania)|Borough]]
|motto =
<!-- images and maps ----------->
|image_skyline = Sayre Museum.jpg
|imagesize =
|image_caption = Sayre Historical Society Museum
|image_flag =
|flag_size =
|image_seal =
|seal_size =
|image_shield =
|shield_size =
|image_blank_emblem =
|blank_emblem_size =
|image_map = Map of Sayre, Bradford County, Pennsylvania Highlighted.png
|mapsize = 250x200px
|map_caption = Map of Bradford County with Sayre highlighted
|image_map1 =
|mapsize1 =
|map_caption1 =
|image_dot_map =
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|dot_map_caption =
|dot_x =
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|pushpin_map = Pennsylvania
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<!-- Location ------------------>
|subdivision_type = [[List of countries|Country]]
|subdivision_name = [[United States]]
|subdivision_type1 = [[Political divisions of the United States|State]]
|subdivision_name1 = [[Pennsylvania]]
|subdivision_type2 = [[List of counties in Pennsylvania|County]]
|subdivision_name2 = [[Bradford County, Pennsylvania|Bradford]]
|subdivision_type3 =
|subdivision_name3 =
|subdivision_type4 =
|subdivision_name4 =
|government_footnotes =
|government_type =
|leader_title =
|leader_name =
|leader_title1 = <!-- for places with, say, both a mayor and a city manager -->
|leader_name1 =
|leader_title2 =
|leader_name2 =
|leader_title3 =
|leader_name3 =
|leader_title4 =
|leader_name4 =
|established_title = Settled
|established_date = 1871
|established_title2 = Incorporated (borough)
|established_date2 = 1891
<!-- Area --------------------->
|area_magnitude =
|unit_pref =
|unit_pref = Imperial
|area_footnotes =
|area_total_km2 = 5.3
|area_land_km2 =
|area_water_km2 =
|area_total_sq_mi = 2.0
|area_land_sq_mi =
|area_water_sq_mi =
|area_water_percent =
|area_urban_km2 =
|area_urban_sq_mi =
|area_metro_km2 =
|area_metro_sq_mi =
|area_blank1_title =
|area_blank1_km2 =
|area_blank1_sq_mi =
<!-- Population ----------------------->
|population_as_of = 2000
|population_footnotes =
|population_note =
|population_total = 5813
|population_density_km2 = 1105.6
|population_density_sq_mi = 2866.8
|population_metro =
|population_density_metro_km2 =
|population_density_metro_sq_mi =
|population_urban =
|population_density_urban_km2 =
|population_density_urban_sq_mi =
|population_blank1_title =
|population_blank1 =
|population_density_blank1_km2 =
|population_density_blank1_sq_mi =
<!-- General information --------------->
|timezone = [[North American Eastern Time Zone|Eastern (EST)]]
|utc_offset = -5
|timezone_DST = EDT
|utc_offset_DST = -4
|coordinates_display = inline,title
|coordinates_type = region:US_type:city
|latd = 41
|latm = 58
|lats = 44
|latNS = N
|longd = 76
|longm = 30
|longs = 56
|longEW = W
|elevation_footnotes = <!--for references: use <ref> tags-->
|elevation_m =
|elevation_ft = 771
<!-- Area/postal codes & others -------->
|postal_code_type = [[Zip code]]
|postal_code = 18840
|area_code = [[Area code 570|570]]
|blank_name =
|blank_info =
|blank1_name =
|blank1_info =
|website =
|footnotes =
'''Sayre''' is a borough in [[Bradford County, Pennsylvania|Bradford County]], [[Pennsylvania]], 59&nbsp;miles (95&nbsp;km) northwest of [[Scranton, Pennsylvania|Scranton]]. In the past, various iron products were made there. In 1900, 5,243 people lived there; in 1910, 6,426 people lived there, and in 1940, 7,569 persons made their homes in Sayre. The population was 5,813 at the 2000 census. Sayre is home to the [ Robert Packer Hospital] and [ Guthrie Clinic]. Sayre is also in a small area called 'The Valley,' a group of three communities in [[New York]] and [[Pennsylvania]], Waverly, New York, [[Sayre, PA|Sayre]], and [[Athens, PA|Athens]] Pennsylvania. With a population near 30,000.
Sayre borders, and is contiguous with, [[Waverly, Tioga County, New York|Waverly, New York]], [[South Waverly, Pennsylvania]], and [[Athens, Pennsylvania]]..
== History ==
In May 1870, a Waverly banker named Howard Elmer, along with Charles Anthony and James Fritcher, bought the Pine Plains area between Waverly and Athens. Elmer convinced [[Asa Packer]] to locate a new [[railroad]] repair facility on the Pine Plains for the expanding [[Lehigh Valley Railroad]], which was making a push north to connect to the New York state railroads. Robert Heysham Sayre, President of the [[Pennsylvania Railroad|Pennsylvania and New York Railroad]], helped cement the deal. The town was named in his honor. Sayre was incorporated on January 27, 1891.
In 1904 when the locomotive yards were built at Sayre, they were the second largest in the world. The railroad operated from 1870 until 1976, but maintenance facilities were shifted away before that. With the decline of industry, population has declined since 1940.
Sayre is situated in a river [[valley]] in the [[Allegheny Plateau]] on the confluence of the [[Susquehanna River]] and the [[Chemung River]], along with [[Athens, Pennsylvania]], [[South Waverly, Pennsylvania]], and [[Waverly, Tioga County, New York|Waverly, New York]]. Together, these small towns make up the greater area known as the Penn-York Valley, or just '''the Valley'''. The [[New York]] / [[Pennsylvania]] border cuts through the Valley. There is no physical border between the towns, as the grid of streets and avenues blend seamlessly from one town to another.
Sayre is located at {{coord|41|59|1|N|76|31|15|W|city}} (41.983567, -76.520845).{{GR|1}}
According to the [[United States Census Bureau]], the borough has a total area of 2.0&nbsp;square miles (5.3&nbsp;km²).2.0&nbsp;square miles (5.3&nbsp;km²) of it is land and 0.49% is water.
As of the [[census]]{{GR|2}} of 2000, there were 5,813 people, 2,529 households, and 1,514 families residing in the borough. The [[population density]] was 2,866.8 people per square mile (1,105.6/km²). There were 2,722 housing units at an average density of 1,342.4/sq&nbsp;mi (517.7/km²). The racial makeup of the borough was 96.92% [[White (U.S. Census)|White]], 0.62% [[African American (U.S. Census)|African American]], 0.17% [[Native American (U.S. Census)|Native American]], 1.26% [[Asian (U.S. Census)|Asian]], 0.15% from [[Race (United States Census)|other races]], and 0.88% from two or more races. [[Hispanic (U.S. Census)|Hispanic]] or [[Latino (U.S. Census)|Latino]] of any race were 0.71% of the population.
There were 2,529 households out of which 26.9% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 43.9% were [[Marriage|married couples]] living together, 11.9% had a female householder with no husband present, and 40.1% were non-families. 35.6% of all households were made up of individuals and 16.2% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.28 and the average family size was 2.96.
In the borough the population was spread out with 23.9% under the age of 18, 7.8% from 18 to 24, 28.2% from 25 to 44, 21.9% from 45 to 64, and 18.3% who were 65 years of age or older. The median age was 39 years. For every 100 females there were 85.7 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 82.0 males.
The median income for a household in the borough was $33,338, and the median income for a family was $40,571. Males had a median income of $30,685 versus $24,837 for females. The [[per capita income]] for the borough was $18,549. About 7.1% of families and 9.1% of the population were below the [[poverty line]], including 8.7% of those under age 18 and 8.4% of those age 65 or over.
* The [[Morning Times]](based in Sayre; serves Waverly, Sayre, Athens and surrounding communities)
* [[Star Gazette]] (based in Elmira; serves Tioga, Chemung and Steuben Counties in NY and Bradford County in PA)
* '''The Daily Review''' (based in Towanda; serves Bradford County and surrounding areas)
* [[WAVR|WAVR - 102.1 FM]] (based in Sayre; licensed in Waverly for [[FM broadcasting]] to the [[Twin Tiers]] market)
* [[WATS (AM)|WATS - 960 AM]] (based in Sayre; licensed in Sayre for [[AM broadcasting]] to the [[Twin Tiers]] market)
* [[WPHD|WPHD - 96.1 FM]] (based in Horseheads; licensed in South Waverly (adjacent to Sayre) for [[FM broadcasting]] to the [[Twin Tiers]] market)
* '''W52CE-TV''' Channel 52 - Sayre PA, Independent
Sayre has one bus service. This is the Endless Mountains Transportation Authority. The EMTA's Blue Bus makes numerous stops in Waverly, Sayre, and Athens. Sayre and The Valley also has taxi service available through ''Valley Taxi''. Valley Taxi also travels throughout the vicinities of Waverly, Sayre, and Athens.
:Sayre Little League (
:Sayre Recreation Program (
:Big Brothers/Big Sisters
:Community Service Club
:Sayre Library
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==External links==
* [ Morning Times (Local Newspaper)]
* [ %26srch_name%3D1 Guthrie: 100 Years of Health Care]
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