Sayula II

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Sayula II
Nation  Mexico
Designer(s) Sparkman & Stephens
Racing career
Skippers Ramón Carlin
Notable victories 1973–74 Whitbread

Sayula II is a Swan 65 yacht designed by Sparkman & Stephens.[1] She won the 1973–74 Whitbread Round the World Race skippered by Ramón Carlin.[2] In 2016, the race was featured in a documentary film called The Weekend Sailor.[3][4]

1973–74 Sayula II crew[edit]

The race crew was: Ramon Carlin, Francisca “Paquita” Larios, Enrique Carlin, Adolfo “Cantis” Orenday, Roberto Cubas Carlin, Francisco Reyes Carlin, Butch Darylmple-Smith, Keith Lorence, David Bowen, Bob Martin, Ray Conrady, and Tjerk Romke de Vries.


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