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Sayuri Horishita (堀下さゆり, Horishita Sayuri) is a singer born on January 11, 1980 in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan.[1] The music video for her song "Kaze no Tōri Michi" aired on the NHK program Minna no Uta and was animated by Tomomi Mochizuki, Katsuya Kondō, and Naoya Tanaka,[2] all three of whom have worked on Studio Ghibli films.


Listed in reverse chronological order, with newest at the top.

  • Lily Pop Life: Complete Songs (リリーポップライフ~complete songs~), July 12, 2006, independent label
  • Kaze no Tōri Michi (カゼノトオリミチ), February 16, 2005, BabeStar/Victor
  • Ajisai Hatake (あじさい畑), June 4, 2004, independent label
  • Private: The Piano Album (プライベート~The Piano Album~), March 15, 2004, independent label
  • A Lily Life (リリーライフ), August 5, 2002, independent label


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