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Scala was an electronic rock band from London, UK formed in 1996 by members of the band Seefeel.[1] They released three albums and four EPs over the following two years.


The disintegration of the critically acclaimed[2] band Seefeel in 1996-1997 led to its lead member Mark Clifford continuing as essentially a solo act. The remaining members of Seefeel, Sarah Peacock, Justin Fletcher, and Daren Seymour collaborated with former Seefeel member Mark Van Hoen to form the group Scala.[3] Scala's sound was described by AllMusic as "More indebted to noise and trip-hop than the looped sound-wash Seefeel had been known for, the quartet also focused on a somewhat tighter song structure and emphasized Peacock's vocals."[3] Scala released their debut album Beauty Nowhere in 1997 followed by two albums in 1998: To You in Alpha and Compass Heart.[3] After working with Scala, Peacock continued work in the group January.[4][5]


In the music press, Side Line (Belgium) wrote 'Scala take the rhythmic, ambient guitar sonic veil of their progenitor, Seefeel, adds Sarah Peacock's glass-blown vocals and, most importantly (most prominently), lyrics that convey in their fragile psychic reservoir a richness of emotion and honesty, all wrapped around a misshapen center-piece: uncertainty."[6] Alternative Press (USA) wrote, "Scala's music has a warped menace that makes guitars buzz like otherworldly insects. Sarah Peacock sings anti-torch songs about relationships in turmoil."[6] Exclaim (Canada) wrote, "a crystal clear instrumental sound made of finely textured synths, guitar and drum machine patterns that should appeal to jaded listeners of both pop and "electronica.""[6]



  • Beauty Nowhere (Touch, 1997)
  • To You In Alpha (Too Pure, 1998)
  • Compass Heart (Touch, 1998)


  • VDT (Too Pure, 1996)
  • Tears (Too Pure, 1996)
  • Lips & Heaven (Too Pure, 1996)
  • Slide EP (Too Pure, 1997)


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