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For the Russian band, see Scald (Russian band).
Origin Belfast, Northern Ireland, Ireland
Genres Grindcore, Industrial metal, Sludge metal, Doom metal, Drone metal
Years active 1993–present
Labels Midhir Records
Vermitronic Systems
Associated acts Bleeding Rectum, TVP, Crisistianity
Members Pete Dempsey
Paul 'Paulrus' McCarroll
Mick Tierney
Past members 'Big Balls'

Scald are an extreme metal band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They are known for their progressive, idiosyncratic sound which takes in elements of doom/ drone/ sludge metal, grindcore and industrial music.[1] The band have a cult following worldwide and successive releases and have garnered critical acclaim from alternative, punk and metal press; such as Terrorizer Magazine and Metal Maniacs. In the past associated with Code666, they are now on Midhir.[2]

Band members[edit]

  • Pete Dempsey: Vocals, Bass
  • Mick Tierney : Guitar
  • Paul 'Paulrus' McCarroll: Drums


  • Rancid Fuckhole - Demo, 1994
  • Born With Teeth - EP, 1997
  • Nematoid: specimen parts I-IV - Demo, 1999
  • Nematoid: specimen parts V-IIX - Demo, 2000
  • Headworm - Full-length, 2003
  • Vermiculatus - Full-length, 2006
  • Fluke - Full-length, 2007


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