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ScaleBase was a company that sold software to implement distributed MySQL databases for cloud computing. The software company was located in the Boston, Massachusetts, area.[1]


Scalebase was founded in 2009 by Doron Levari. Ram Metser, formerly CEO of Guardium, a database security company acquired by IBM in 2009, was named as CEO in October 2012. In October 2012, ScaleBase closed a Series B round of $10.5 million from Bain Capital Ventures, Ascent Venture Partners and its original investor, Cedar Fund.[2][3]

ScaleArc raised $5.33 million in December 2011.[4] $12 million of new funding was announced in January 2013 was led by Accell Partners.[5] The assets of ScaleBase were acquired by ScaleArc in August 2015.[6]


The company ScaleBase provided two technology offerings: one was also called ScaleBase, and the other was Analysis Genie.

ScaleBase software was first released in August 2011.[7]

ScaleBase is a distributed database cluster built on MySQL.[8] This capability provides the scalability and availability benefits of distributed database while retaining relational database characteristics.

  • Two-phase commit and roll-back
  • ACID compliance
  • SQL query model, including cross-node joins and aggregations

ScaleBase data distribution is policy-based and transparent. That is, ScaleBase provides visibility and control of the variables that impact the data distribution policy.[9]

ScaleBase software was available on Amazon Web Services (EC2, RDS), Rackspace and IBM Cloud.

Analysis Genie was software as a service that analyzed schema and queries. Its purpose is to suggest a data distribution policy that is uniquely tuned for individual application requirements and database workloads.


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