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Scaleform Corporation
Subsidiary of Autodesk
IndustryComputer and video games
Game Middleware
Game development tool
FoundedLaurel, Maryland, U.S. (2004)
FounderBrendan Iribe, Michael Antonov
HeadquartersGreenbelt, Maryland, U.S.
OwnerAutodesk, Inc.
Number of employees
WebsiteScaleform at

Scaleform Corporation is a developer providing middleware for use in the video game industry. As a result of Autodesk's acquisition of the company in March 2011,[1] Scaleform has become part of the Autodesk Gameware line of middleware.


  • Scaleform GFx allows licensees to create user interfaces using Adobe Flash authoring tools, such as Adobe Flash Professional; the resulting SWF files can be used directly by the GFx libraries, providing similar functionality to the Adobe Flash Player but optimized for use within game engines. Scaleform provides APIs for direct communication between Flash content and the game engine, and pre-built integrations for popular engines such as Unity and Unreal Engine. Scaleform GFx can also be licensed for use as a standalone Flash runtime system on mobile platforms,[2][3] competing with Adobe AIR.
  • Scaleform Video, a fully integrated video codec for Flash Video workflow support (currently powered by CRI Movie).
  • Scaleform IME, a fully integrated Input Method Editor (IME) for Asian chat support.


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