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Scalr Logo.png
Developer(s) Scalr, Inc.
Stable release 5.10
Operating system Web-based Application
Type Cloud computing
License Apache 2.0

Scalr is an open source Cloud Management Platform for managing multi-cloud infrastructure. The project was started and open sourced in April 2008[1] to provide scalable infrastructure for MediaPlug (a media sharing service) and is now maintained on GitHub.[2] Scalr provides, according to one reviewer,[3] "90% of the features, at 10% of the price" of main competitor RightScale.

The code is made freely available under the Apache License (version 2.0) and Scalr has received favorable reviews from sites including TechCrunch,[4] HighScalability,[5] the official AWS blog,[6] and CNet.[7]

Scalr is also available as a monthly subscription service since mid-2009.[8]

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