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Four Color #703 cover. First appearance of Scamp in comic book form. Art by Al Hubbard
Publication information
Publisher Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics / Whitman
Genre Funny animal
Publication date(s) 1958 - 1961
1967 - 1978
No. of issues 61, including 4 issues of Four Color
Creative team
Written by Del Connell
Artist(s) Al Hubbard

Scamp is a Disney canine cartoon and comics character, the son of Lady and the Tramp, appearing in the animated movies Lady and the Tramp and Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, as well as in comic strips and books of his own since the 1950s.

Comic strip[edit]

The first daily strip featuring Scamp as the main character was published on October 31, 1955, written by Ward Greene and drawn by Dick Moores. The final Scamp comic strip was on June 19, 1988.

Comic book[edit]

The Scamp character first appeared in comic book form was in Four Color #703 written by Del Connell, drawn by Al Hubbard and published by Dell Comics, after making three more appearance in Four Color the Scamp strip was given its own ongoing title starting its numbering with issue #5 after taking its numbering from the first four appearances in Four Color lasting till issue 15. The second series published by Gold Key Comics ran for 45 issues. The comic book was published in 1958-1961 [1] and then again in 1967-1979 [2].

Publication history[edit]

  • Four Color (1942) (Dell)
    (#703, 777, 806, 833, 1204)
  • Walt Disney's Comics & Stories (1940) (Dell)
    (#204-254, 275-279, 303, 305)
  • Walt Disney's Donald Duck Beach Party (1954) (Dell)
  • Christmas in Disneyland (1957) (Dell)
  • Walt Disney's Scamp (1958) (Dell)
  • Walt Disney's Lady and the Tramp (1963) (Gold Key)
  • Walt Disney Scamp (1967) (Gold Key)
  • Walt Disney Comics Digest (1968) (Gold Key)

In other media[edit]

An unnamed puppy appeared in the first Lady and the Tramp that was used as the basis for the comics character. Scamp was adapted into the movie Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, with Scamp serving as its main character, and his siblings appearing in small roles.

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