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The Scan2CAD logo
Developer(s) Avia Systems
Initial release 1998
Stable release
Version 8 / 2013
Development status Active
Operating system MS Windows
Available in Multilingual
Type Computer-aided design
License Proprietary

Scan2CAD is raster and vector conversion and editing CAD (Computer-aided design) software.

The software is developed in the UK by Avia Systems.


Scan2CAD's first version was released in 1993. The publishing company was Softcover International. This company continued to publish the software until 2010 when Avia Systems acquired the software.[1]

The development team has continued to be the same throughout the full lifetime of the software.

Scan2CAD is now used across the world by a very wide variety of users ranging from government[2] and large industrial organisations to smaller individual firms. It has been translated to 4 localised language versions including Polish,[3] Italian, French and Japanese. A free trial of the Scan2CAD software is currently bundled with the HP T2300 scanner.[4]


Below lists all features as available in Scan2CAD version 8.

Feature Available in version 8 Regular Available in version 8 Pro
Raster to Vector conversion Yes Yes
PDF to Vector conversion Yes Yes
Optical Character Recognition Yes Yes

Supported file types[edit]

Below lists all file-types supported by Scan2CAD version 8.

Raster file types:

Vector file types:

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