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A Scandinavian is a resident of Scandinavia or something associated with the region, including:






  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), an aviation corporation
  • Scandinavian Defense, a chess opening
  • Scandinavian Gold Cup, an international sailing competition established in 1919
  • Scandinavian flick, a driving technique
  • Scandinavian (Fabergé egg)
  • Scandi seagull - the term used to describe those who obsessively buy and sell children's' Scandinavian branded clothing, who brag about it on social media, who swap sought after items of clothing between a small clique of fellow seagulls, who provide sob stories to get their DISO (desperately in search of item), then managed to get it for a bargain price only to 'flip' it on and sell for profit. A general term for the less savoury characters in the Scandinavian clothing sales world on social media.

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