Scandinavian Touring Car Championship

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Not to be confused with Swedish Touring Car Championship.
Scandinavian Touring Car Championship
Category Touring cars
Country Scandinavia
Inaugural season 2011
Drivers' champion Sweden Thed Björk
Teams' champion Sweden Volvo Polestar Racing
Official website
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The Scandinavian Touring Car Championship (STCC) is a touring car racing series based in Scandinavia. The series took over from the Danish Touringcar Championship and Swedish Touring Car Championship, with its first season in 2011. The Scandinavian Touring Car Cup was awarded in 2010 to the driver with best results from selected races in the Danish and Swedish seasons.

In 2013, the series merged with the rival TTA – Racing Elite League, which was formed as a result of the split in 2012. From the 2013 season onwards, the series would see a new format based upon the TTA series.


Season Series Name Driver Car Team
2010 Scandinavian Touring Car Cup Sweden Robert Dahlgren Volvo C30 Sweden Polestar Racing
2011 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Sweden Rickard Rydell Chevrolet Cruze Sweden Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden
2012 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Sweden Johan Kristoffersson Volkswagen Scirocco Sweden Volkswagen Team Biogas
2013 STCC – Racing Elite League Sweden Thed Björk Volvo S60 TTA Sweden Volvo Polestar Racing
2014 Scandinavian Touring Car Championship Sweden Thed Björk Volvo S60 TTA Sweden Volvo Polestar Racing

Event Winners[edit]

Scandinavian Touring Car Cup[edit]

Ring Knutstorp Scandinavian Touring Car Championship 2012.

Scandinavian Touring Car Championship[edit]

Mattias Andersson's Alfa Romeo 156.
Rustad Polestar Racing 2010.

STCC – Racing Elite League[edit]


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