Scania-Vabis L75

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Scania-Vabis L75/L76
Scania-Vabis LS75 Truck 1961.jpg
Manufacturer Scania-Vabis
Production 1958 - 1968, 43,334 produced[1]
Body and chassis
Class Heavy duty truck
Engine Scania-Vabis ohv I6 diesel engine
Transmission 5/10 speed manual
Wheelbase 3.4 m (133.9 in) - 5.4 m (212.6 in)[1]
Curb weight 13,000 kg (28,660.1 lb) - 22,500 kg (49,604.0 lb) (gross weight)[1]
Predecessor Scania-Vabis Regent
Successor Scania L110

The Scania-Vabis L75/L76 was a series of heavy duty trucks produced by Swedish automaker Scania-Vabis between 1958 and 1968.

In the spring of 1958, Scania-Vabis introduced a new generation of trucks, with newly designed six-cylinder engines,[2] stronger chassis components and a new, more spacious and comfortable cab. The cab would be used for all conventional trucks until 1980.[2] The largest model, called L75, had a ten litre engine. The truck was also offered with a trailing axle. This version was called the LS75, with an “S” for "support axle". For real heavy duty work Scania-Vabis offered a version with tandem drive rear axles. It was called LT75, with “T” for "tandem". The L75 series trucks came with air brakes, but power steering was still an option. From 1961 the truck was offered with a turbo-diesel.[2]

Scania-Vabis L76[edit]

In early 1963 the improved L76/LS76/LT76 series was introduced, with an eleven litre engine and dual circuits brakes.

Since the 345 model disappeared in 1939 Scania-Vabis had only built conventional trucks, since it was the most popular design in the Scandinavian market. By the early 1960s, many European countries introduced regulations limiting the maximum length for truck and trailer. This resulted in increased demand for forward control trucks. With the introduction of the L76 series there was also a forward control version, LB76 (LBS76 with trailaing axle). The “B” stood for "Bulldog" which was Scania-Vabis’ name for forward control vehicles. The LB cab was fixed, which made access to the engine for service difficult.[2]


Model Year Engine[1] Displacement Power Type
L75 1958-63 Scania-Vabis D10: I6 ohv 10,261 cc (626.2 cu in) 165 bhp (123 kW) Diesel engine
L75 Super 1961-63 Scania-Vabis DS10: I6 ohv 10,261 cc (626.2 cu in) 205 bhp (153 kW) Turbodiesel
L76 1963-68 Scania-Vabis D11: I6 ohv 11,021 cc (672.5 cu in) 190 bhp (142 kW) Diesel engine
L76 Super 1963-68 Scania-Vabis DS11: I6 ohv 11,021 cc (672.5 cu in) 260 bhp (194 kW) Turbodiesel



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