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Scanner may refer to:


For invisible radiation[edit]

For (near) light[edit]

  • Image scanner, which digitizes a two-dimensional image
    • 3D scanner, which digitizes the three-dimensional shape of a real object
  • Motion picture film scanner, which scans original film for storage as a digital file
  • Barcode reader, which reads the data encoded in a barcode
  • Laser scanner, which guides a laser beam along a path, sometimes combined with a measurement
  • Stepper, a part of the photolithography process
  • A biometric scanner, an electronic device with a sensor to read patterns or images from faces, irises, and finger pads to create a biological template or profile
  • An automated spotlight

Computer software[edit]



Popular culture[edit]


  • A personality type described by self-help author Barbara Sher characterized by having many different interests or changing interests frequently

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