Scanners III: The Takeover

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Scanners III: The Takeover
Scanners III- The Takeover FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Christian Duguay
Produced by Pierre David
Written by B.J. Nelson
Based on Characters created
by David Cronenberg
Starring Liliana Komorowska
Valérie Valois
Steve Parrish
Colin Fox
Music by Marty Simon
Cinematography Hugues de Haeck
Edited by Yves Langlois
Distributed by Malofilm Distribution
Release date
  • May 14, 1992 (1992-05-14)
Running time
99 min.
Country Canada
Language English

Scanners III: The Takeover (also known as Scanner Force in UK) is a 1992 science fiction horror film and second sequel to the film Scanners, and the last film in the trilogy. It was directed by Christian Duguay. The film received mixed reception from fans and viewers, and is the least successful Scanners film to be released. Once again, this sequel has a different set of characters.

This film also features a few actors from Scanners II: The New Order. For instance, Jason Cavalier from The New Order (with the exploding tumor) here plays a punk leader.


Helena Monet (Liliana Komorowska) is troubled by the painful side-effects of her powers. This drives her to try her adoptive father's experimental drug called Eph3 (pronounced F-3) - a variant of the Ephemerol, which cuts off moral conscience and causes her to become a megalomaniac. She kills her father and takes over his pharmaceutical company. Her long-lost adopted brother, also a Scanner, is alerted to her dangerous behavior and returns to stop her.

As her rise to power and desire for global dominance gains momentum, her brother must fend off the attackers sent after him and ultimately defeat his sister to save the world.


The film was released on VHS in the United States by Republic Pictures, in Canada by Malofilm Home Video and in the UK by First Independent Films. A DVD version of the film is included in the Scanners Trilogy box set released only in the EU by Starz Home Entertainment. This box also includes the first and second Scanner film. Shout! Factory's new horror label Scream Factory released a Region 1 DVD/Blu-ray edition on September 10, 2013.

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