Scapa Flow (film)

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Scapa Flow
Directed by Leo Lasko
Written by Leo de Laforgue
Leo Lasko
Starring Otto Gebühr
Claire Rommer
Claus Clausen
Carl Balhaus
Cinematography Edgar S. Ziesemer
Distributed by Olympia Film
Release date
February 1930
Country Weimar Republic
Language German

Scapa Flow is a 1930 German drama film directed by Leo Lasko and starring Otto Gebühr, Claire Rommer and Claus Clausen. It is set around the Wilhelmshaven Mutiny and the Scuttling of the German fleet in Scapa Flow at the close of the First World War.[1] In Weimar Germany the scuttling of the fleet in defiance of the victorious Allies had come to be seen as a popular patriotic act. The inclusion of the Mutiny, however, was more controversial as it highlighted the political divisions which continued to exist. The film was praised by the right wing press, and comparisons were made to the Russian film Battleship Potemkin.[2] The film was partly inspired by the 1918 play Seeschalt by Reinhardt Goering.[3]



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