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Single suture synostosis.png
Scaphocephaly is a kind of cranial synostosis
Classification and external resources
Specialty medical genetics
ICD-10 Q75.0 (EUROCAT Q75.01)
ICD-9-CM 756.0

Scaphocephaly (pronounced skaf-o-SEF-aly; from Greek skaphe meaning 'light boat or skiff' and kephale meaning 'head') describes a specific shape of a long narrow head[1] that resembles an inverted boat.

It is a type of cephalic disorder which occurs when there is a premature fusion of the sagittal suture. The sagittal suture joins together the two parietal bones of skull. Scaphocephaly is the most common of the craniosynostosis conditions and is characterized by a long, narrow head.


This condition can be corrected by surgery if the child is young enough. The use of a cranial remolding orthosis can also benefit the child if the child begins wearing it at an early age.[citation needed]

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