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The family coat of arms

Scarampi is the name of a prominent Ghibelline family of Asti and its environs in north-west Italy. They were bankers of the Casane astigiane first in Genoa and then in France and in Belgium. In 1337 Antonio Scarampi, in exchange for 115,000 florins, became feudatory of Bubbio, Monastero Bormida, Roccaverano, Cortemilia, Perletto, Cairo, Altare and other places of the Langhe.

Historical figures with the name Scarampi include:

The name Scarampi is also used in the toponyms of various places which were fiefs of the family, including Montaldo Scarampi and San Giorgio Scarampi.


This article was originally translated from its counterpart in the Italian Wikipedia.
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