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Scarborough—Rouge River
Ontario electoral district
Scarborough Rouge River.png
Scarborough—Rouge River in relation to the other Toronto ridings
Defunct federal electoral district
LegislatureHouse of Commons
District created1987
District abolished2013
First contested1988
Last contested2011
District webpageprofile, map
Population (2011)[1]135,102
Electors (2011)85,505
Area (km²)[2]51.17
Census divisionsToronto
Census subdivisionsToronto
Map of Scarborough-Rouge River
The former borders of Scarborough—Rouge River, in place from 1996 to 2004. These borders are still those represented in the Ontario legislature and on Toronto city council
The borders of Scarborough—Rouge River, in place from 1987 to 1996.
Conservative signs remain on Markham Road in Scarborough—Rouge River in the wake of the Liberals' defence of the riding.

Scarborough—Rouge River was a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada between 1988 and 2015. However, as of the Fall 2015 federal election, part of this riding has been combined with the south-western part of the old riding Pickering—Scarborough East.

The riding covered the northeast part of the Scarborough part of Toronto. It stretched from Highway 401 in the south to Steeles Avenue in the north. In the east it ended at the border with Pickering and in the west at Midland north of Finch and Brimley south of Finch.

Scarborough—Rouge River has the highest percentage of visible minorities in all electoral districts (89.7%)[3] and the lowest percentage of White Caucasians (10.1%).[4][5] Chinese make up 30.8%, South Asian 32.8% (all South Asian countries), Black 10.7%, White 8.7% Tamil is the mother tongue for 13.2% of the population,[6] which is the highest such percentage for that language among all ridings; likewise for Tamil as a home language (10.5%).[7] 13.6% of the population is Hindu, the 2nd highest in Canada after Brampton East.[8]

In the 2011 federal election, the NDP were elected for the first time. The riding was redistributed to Scarborough North and Scarborough—Rouge Park with new elected MPs as of the 2015 federal election.


Scarborough—Rouge River consists of the part of the City of Toronto bounded on the north and east by the city limits, on the west by Midland Avenue, and on the south by a line drawn from the east city limit west along Finch Avenue East, south along Meadowvale Road, west along Sheppard Avenue East, south along Morningside Avenue, west along Highway 401, north along Brimley Road, and west along Finch Avenue East to Midland Avenue.


The riding was created in 1987 from part of York—Scarborough riding.

It initially consisted of the part of the City of Scarborough. It was bounded on the north and east by the city limits, and on the south and west by a line drawn southwest from the eastern city limit along Highway 401 and Kingston Road, west along Highland Creek, north along Morningside Avenue, west along Ellesmere Road and north along the Canadian National Railway line to the northern city limit.

In 1996, it was redefined to be bounded on the north and east by the city limits, on the west by the Canadian National Railway situated immediately west of Midland Avenue, and on the south by a line drawn from west to east along Highway 401, north along Conlins Road, and east along Sheppard Avenue East and Twyn Rivers Drive to the east city limits.

In 2003, it was given its current boundaries as described above.

Following the 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution, the riding was split between Scarborough North and Scarborough—Rouge Park.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Scarborough—Rouge River
Riding created from York—Scarborough
34th  1988–1993     Derek Lee Liberal
35th  1993–1997
36th  1997–2000
37th  2000–2004
38th  2004–2006
39th  2006–2008
40th  2008–2011
41st  2011–2015     Rathika Sitsabaiesan New Democratic
Riding dissolved into Scarborough—Rouge Park
and Scarborough North

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
New Democratic Rathika Sitsabaiesan 18,935 40.6 +26.0 $55,192.59
Conservative Marlene Gallyot 13,935 29.9 +7.4
Liberal Rana Sarkar 12,699 27.2 -31.0
Green George Singh 684 1.5 -2.4
Independent Mark Balack 357 0.8
Total valid votes/Expense limit 46,610 100.0
Total rejected ballots 221 0.5
Turnout 46,831 56.2
Eligible voters 83,285
Canadian federal election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ±% Expenditures
Liberal Derek Lee 23,716 58.2 -7.8 $62,814
Conservative Jerry Bance 9,160 22.5 +2.0 $76,083
New Democratic Ryan Sloan 5,954 14.6 +3.8 $1,836
Green Attila Nagy 1,567 3.9 +2.3 $388
Libertarian Alan Mercer 331 0.8 $2,661
Total valid votes/Expense limit 40,728 100.0 $88,438
Canadian federal election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Derek Lee 30,281 66.0 +8.1
Conservative Jerry Bance 9,426 20.5 +7.2
New Democratic Andrew Brett 4,973 10.8 +1.5
Green Serge Abbat 756 1.6 +0.1
Independent Yaqoob Khan 467 1.0
Total valid votes 45,903 100.0
Canadian federal election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Derek Lee 22,564 57.9 -21.2
Independent Raymond Cho 6,962 17.9
Conservative Tony Backhurst 5,184 13.3 -2.7
New Democratic Fauzia Khan 3,635 9.3 +4.4
Green Kathryn Holloway 610 1.5
Total valid votes 38,955 100.0

Note: Conservative vote is compared to the total of the Canadian Alliance vote and Progressive Conservative vote in 2000 election.

Canadian federal election, 2000
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Derek Lee 28,669 79.1 +4.3
Alliance Kaiser Suleman 3,237 8.9 +0.8
Progressive Conservative Alan Shumak 2,566 7.1 -4.3
New Democratic Paulette Senior 1,793 4.9 0.0
Total valid votes 36,265 100.0

Note: Canadian Alliance vote is compared to the Reform vote in 1997 election.

Canadian federal election, 1997
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Derek Lee 28,636 74.8 +8.7
Progressive Conservative Joe Li 4,364 11.4 -0.2
Reform Ronald Bounds 3,102 8.1 -8.7
New Democratic Pedram Moallemian 1,874 4.9 +2.1
Natural Law Loucas Café 170 0.4 0.0
Canadian Action Steven Vaughan 139 0.4
Total valid votes 38,285 100.0
Canadian federal election, 1993
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Liberal Derek Lee 31,582 66.1 +19.0
Reform Lee Saunders 8,048 16.9
Progressive Conservative Paul Ng 5,524 11.6 -26.0
New Democratic Orrin Benn 1,330 2.8 -10.8
Libertarian David Kenny 364 0.8 -0.3
Independent Gulam Mohamed 353 0.7
National Chai Kalevar 270 0.6
Natural Law Loucas Café 224 0.5
Abolitionist Eric Brewer 64 0.1
Total valid votes 47,759 100.0
Canadian federal election, 1988
Party Candidate Votes %
Liberal Derek Lee 22,767 47.1
Progressive Conservative Doug Boswell 18,171 37.6
New Democratic Raymond Cho 6,589 13.6
Libertarian Simon Harvey 513 1.1
Green Lois James 286 0.6
Total valid votes 48,326 100.0

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Coordinates: 43°49′34″N 79°11′49″W / 43.826°N 79.197°W / 43.826; -79.197