Scarborough (East Indiaman)

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Three vessels with the name Scarborough have served the British East India Company (EIC).

  • Scarborough, launched December 1734 and made two voyages for the EIC. The Royal Navy purchased her on 21 November 1739 to use as a storeship, but then used her as a hospital ship instead. The Navy sold her on 18 December 1744.
  • Scarborough, launched c.1740, made four voyages for the EIC and gave her name to Scarborough Shoal after grounding there in 1748.
  • Scarborough, launched in 1782, carried convicts on the First Fleet to New South Wales, carried a cargo for the EIC from China back to Britain, and again carried convicts on the Second Fleet. Scarborough then made one more trip for the EIC between 1801 and 1802.