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Scarborough Centre
TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg
Scarborough Centre Station - TTC.jpg
Location 290 Borough Drive,
Toronto, Ontario,
Coordinates 43°46′28″N 79°15′28″W / 43.77444°N 79.25778°W / 43.77444; -79.25778Coordinates: 43°46′28″N 79°15′28″W / 43.77444°N 79.25778°W / 43.77444; -79.25778
Platforms side platforms
Tracks 2
Connections GO Transit logo.svg Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal
Structure type elevated
Disabled access Yes
Opened 22 March 1985
Passengers (2015[1]) 24,630
Preceding station   TTC   Following station
toward Kennedy
TTC - Line 3 - Scarborough RT line.svg Scarborough

Scarborough Centre is a major rapid transit station and bus terminal in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, serving Line 3 Scarborough of the Toronto subway system and multiple bus routes of the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It is located north of Ellesmere Road between Brimley and McCowan Roads, just south of Highway 401. It is adjacent to the Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal, which is a station for GO Transit buses and other intercity coach services.


Scarborough Centre station was opened in 1985 along with the rest of the Scarborough RT line. The station replaced transit access to the Scarborough Town Centre shopping mall.

In 2000, this station became accessible with elevators.

Subway extension[edit]

The future of the station is still in question, as many proposals have been made about either the extension of the Bloor–Danforth line or a light rail transit replacement for the Scarborough RT.[2]

The Toronto Transit Commission had planned to extend the Sheppard line south-east from its current terminus at Don Mills to Scarborough Centre. The 190 Rocket Express bus currently links the two stations, making limited stops along Sheppard Avenue. In March 2007, however, the TTC dropped this plan when it announced its Transit City proposal to build the Sheppard East LRT Line. The station was also to be part of the Eglinton Crosstown line.[3][4] But amendments to the line's construction plan lead to the abandoning of that idea.

On September 4, 2013, the province of Ontario announced that it would fund two-thirds of the 6.4 km Bloor-Danforth line subway extension from Kennedy to Scarborough Centre, which would lead to the closure of the rest of the aging Scarborough RT line.[5]

On January 21, 2016, city council revised the subway extension plan which would make only one additional stop along Line 2 (Bloor-Danforth Line), which is the Scarborough Centre stop and saving $1 billion that would be used to extend the LRT line along Eglinton from Kennedy station, towards the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.[6]

Station description[edit]

Bus bays with the concourse and train platform levels above

The station is located north of Ellesmere Road, between Brimley and McCowan roads, south of the Scarborough Town Centre, and is built on three levels; the Scarborough RT is on the upper level, the mezzanine, and passenger entry from the mall and an automatic entrance from Brian Harrison Way is on the middle level (also where you pay fares to enter the station), and the bus terminal and an automatic entrance from the Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal are at ground level. There is elevator access for all the TTC services, making this station fully accessible to anyone with disabilities.

Rapid transit infrastructure in the vicinity[edit]

East of the station, the RT tracks continue travelling east on an elevated bridge until it reaches McCowan station. West of the station, the RT tracks are on an elevated bridge which begins to descend after passing over Brimley Road. It continues to descend until it reaches Midland station.

Nearby landmarks[edit]

Located in Scarborough City Centre, nearby landmarks include the Scarborough Town Centre shopping mall, Scarborough Civic Centre, Albert Campbell Square, Canada Centre government offices, and Scarborough YMCA.

Surface connections[edit]

Toronto Transit Commission[edit]

TTC routes serving the station include:

Route Name Additional Information
9 Bellamy Southbound to Warden station
16 McCowan Southbound to Warden station
21A Brimley Southbound to Kennedy station
21B Northbound to Steeles Avenue East
21C Northbound to Steeles Avenue East and southbound to Kennedy station
38A Highland Creek Eastbound to Rouge Hill GO Station
38B Eastbound to U of T Scarborough
43B Kennedy Southbound to Kennedy station
129A McCowan North Northbound to Major Mackenzie Drive
(Extra fare required north of Steeles Avenue)
129B Northbound to Steeles Avenue East
130A Middlefield Northbound to Steeles Avenue East
130B Northbound to Steeles Avenue East via Maybrook Drive
(Rush hour service)
131A Nugget Eastbound to Old Finch Avenue/Morningview Trail
131E Eastbound to Old Finch Avenue/Morningview Trail and westbound to Kennedy station
(Rush hour express service)
132 Milner Eastbound to McLevin Avenue and Hupfield Trail
133 Neilson Northbound to Morningside Heights
134A Progress Northbound to Finch Avenue East via Tapscott Road
134B Northbound to McNicoll Avenue via Tapscott Road
(Rush hour service)
134C Northbound to Centennial College
169A Huntingwood Westbound to Don Mills station via Van Horne Avenue
169B Westbound to Don Mills station
(Rush hour service)
190 Scarborough Centre Rocket Westbound to Don Mills station
(Express service)
199A Finch Rocket Westbound to Finch station
(Express service)
199B Westbound to Finch West station via Finch station
(Express service)

Other operators[edit]

Scarborough Centre station is also home to the Scarborough Centre Bus Terminal which is located directly east of the TTC bus platform. It is served by GO Transit, Greyhound, Coach Canada, and Can-ar.


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