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Scarce publicity shot.jpg
Background information
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, USA
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1993–1997, 2008-present
Labels Delmore, Paradox, A&M, Rockamundo
Associated acts Anastasia Screamed
Website Official website
Members Chick Graning,
Joyce Raskin,
Joseph Propatier
Past members Jud Ehrbar,
Mike Levesque

Scarce is an Alternative rock band formed in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. They were active from 1993 to 1997, and reformed in 2008.


Formed by former Anastasia Screamed singer Chick Graning, Joyce Raskin and Jud Ehrbar in Rhode Island in 1993.[1] Scarce were said to be on the verge of success in 1995 when, after a tour with Hole, lead singer Graning suffered a brain aneurysm and nearly died.[2] Doctors gave Graning a 10% chance of survival, but he recovered and was forced to learn how to walk, talk and eventually, sing and play guitar again.[3]

After Graning had recovered, the band re-recorded much of their album Deadsexy (which had already been released in the UK) with current drummer Joseph Propatier for its 1996 release in the US.

In 1997, due to emotional and musical distances growing in the band, Graning and Raskin decided to part ways and the band split up.[4]

In 2007, Joyce Raskin wrote and illustrated a book about the band called "Aching To Be" which led to Raskin contacting Graning, and then to Scarce's re-forming, ending nine years of silence.

In 2008, they reformed and released an EP entitled Tattoos and Parades and Universal re-released Deadsexy digitally, along with previously unreleased material and pre-A&M demos on iTunes.

Scarce toured the UK in 2008 and 2009. While on the UK tour in 2009, a documentary DVD Release about Scarce premiered by indie filmmaker Sally Irvine titled "Days Like These" before the band played. The DVD is sold on Irvine's website.[5]

In 2010, Joyce Raskin wrote and illustrated a book titled "The Fall and Rise of Circus Boy Blue" that incorporates Scarce's lyrics into the story. The songs inside the book are to be linked to digital downloads as one reads.

Scarce is currently working on their second full-length album which is to be related to Joyce Raskin's "The Fall and Rise of Circus Boy Blue" book.

All of their CD artwork consists of paintings by Raskin.[6]



  • "Days Like This" - 7" b/w Scorpion Tray (1993, Delmore)
  • "Hope" - 7" b/w Something (1994, All the Money)
  • "All Sideways" - 7" b/w Dozen (1994, RockaMundo)
  • "It Was Dry" - 7" (1994, Delmore)
  • "Glamourizing Cigarettes" - CD (1995, Paradox)
  • "Freakshadow" - CD (1995, A&M/Paradox (UK))


  • Red - CD/12" (1994, Tumble Gear Records/Big Cat (UK)) (Collection of singles)
  • All Sideways - CD/12" (1994, Big Cat)
  • Days Like This - CD (1996, Paradox)*
  • Girl Through Me - (2008)
  • Tattoos and Parades (2008, Number One Fan Records)
  • The Red Sessions (2008)


  • DeadSexy - CD (1995, Paradox)**
  • DeadSexy - CD (1996, A&M)***
  • Curious George Christmas Carols - CD (2010, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company)
* - UK only EP, limited to 1000 pressings.
** - Original UK-only version.
*** - Re-recorded US-only version with Joe Propatier on drums and a different track-listing.



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