Scared (film)

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Thailand Theatrical Poster
Directed by Pakphum Wonjinda
Written by Pakphum Wonjinda
Starring Sumonrat Wattanaselarat
Wongthep Khunarattanrat
Kanya Rattanapetch
Amornpan Kongtrakarn
Distributed by Sahamongkol Film International
Release date
10 November 2005
Running time
81 min.
Country Thailand
Language Thai

Rab Nong Sayong Kwan (Thai: รับน้องสยองขวัญ) (a.k.a. Scared) is a 2005 Thai horror film directed by Pakphum Wonjinda. In this movie, a group of freshmen on a road trip survive an accident, only to end up in an abandoned town where they are hunted down and killed one by one.


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