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Scarlet Belgium NV
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1992 as Stipte in the Netherlands.
Headquarters Evere, Brussels, Belgium
Products Fixed line and mobile telephony, internet, digital television

Scarlet is a telecommunications company active in the Netherlands and Belgium as an Internet Service Provider and provider of fixed and mobile telephony. It has minor operations in Luxembourg, Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

The Belgacom Group announced its acquisition of Scarlet NA/SA on 15 February 2008, after the approval of the competition authorities.[1] Belgacom aims to complement its own offers with Scarlet's basic, low-cost products in the areas of fixed and mobile telephony and the Internet for Belgian and international customers.


Scarlet was established in The Netherlands in 1992 as an independent ISP and telephony provider.[2] It was rebranded Stipte ('Punctual' in Dutch) in June 2014.[3]


The company has been active in Belgium since 1997 as an independent ISP and telephony provider. Scarlet acquired the Belgium branch of Tiscali at the end of 2004.

IPTV using Proximus TV hardware[edit]

Scarlet offers Television services also in HD using IPTV service of its parent company Proximus. To have this consumers are required to take a "Trio" pack aka Triplay service of Internet, TV & Fixed Telephone.

Television stations per region[edit]

Internet Service[edit]

Scarlet offers an Internet service using xDSL technology

Offering as of September 2016

  • scarlet internet ADSL - 12Mbps/0.625Mbps
  • scarlet internet VDSL2 - 50Mbps/4Mbps - 500GB/month data cap

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