Scarlet Garcia (model)

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Scarlet Garcia
Born Scarlet Mae Bouffard Garcia
1985 (1985)
Died March 13, 2008(2008-03-13) (aged 22–23)
Olongapo City, Philippines
Cause of death Stab and gunshot wound
Occupation Glamour model

Scarlet Mae Bouffard Garcia[1] (1985 – March 13, 2008) was a Filipino glamour model.


Popularly known as Scarlet Bouffard, she was one of the girls featured in FHM Philippines' November 2007 issue[2] and was a member of the Viva Hot Babes for two years.[3][4]


On March 13, 2008, Garcia and three other people were found dead in Garcia's home located in Olongapo City.[5] Garcia and the other victims were found stabbed and shot in the home when authorities responded to a fire that was set in the home in an attempt to cover up the murders.[1]

The victims were Garcia, another woman and two men; Garcia's live-in partner George Castro Jr., Garcia's cousin Rachelle Estacio, and Estacio's boyfriend Van Mark Mandehas. Garcia and Estacio were discovered in the bathroom on the second floor of the three storey townhouse unit, while the two men were found in the hall.[6]

Viva Hot Babes and FHM fellow Anne Scott has revealed details about the crime scene and one of the police's supposed theories as to what happened. According to Scott, Garcia and Castro were found naked, and the police's supposed theory was that they were forced to have sex before they were killed.[7]

The background of the murder remains mysterious, although Olongapo City police chief has indicated Castro's connections to an organized crime ring involved in car theft.[8] In January 2009, five suspects believed to be behind the murder were arrested in the province of Rizal.[9] The five men were all members of a gang group operating in Central Luzon, Metro Manila and Southern Tagalog region, known as "Sako".[10]


On July 25, 2014, a man tagged in her rape-slay was arrested by the anti-vice unit of the Mandaluyong City police while he was buying cigarettes at a store in Barangay Barangka Ibaba.[11] Senior Superintendent Tyrone Masigon, chief of the city’s police force, said the suspect is one of Philippine National Police’s most wanted criminals. He is the subject of warrants of arrest for theft, five counts of rape and two counts of robbery with intimidation and violence.

The Mandaluyong City Police Anti-vice unit Chief Inspector Dominador Ignacio said they took six months of surveillance to confirm the suspect's real identity. He added that the modus operandi of suspect's group is to forcibly enter their target victim’s house, rape the female occupants and hogtie them before leaving with the loot.

The suspect is now temporarily detained in Mandaluyong City Jail. His custody will be turned over to the Olongapo judge handling his case.