Scarlet Records

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Scarlet Records
Scarlet records.png
Parent company BL Music SAS
Founded 1997
Founder Filippo Bersani
Status Active
Genre Power metal
Melodic death metal
Heavy metal
Death metal
Country of origin Italy Italy
Location Milan
Official website

Scarlet Records is an Italian independent record label based in Milan. It is most notable for featuring two side projects from Soilwork front-man Björn "Speed" Strid, as well as band like Agent Steel, Royal Hunt, Skyclad, Eldritch, Hatesphere, Primevil, Labyrinth, Dark Moor, DGM and more. Born in 1998, Scarlet Records released more than 200 albums. In 2011 Scarlet Records entered a distribution deal with Entertainment One Distribution for the North American distribution of its new releases and extensive physical and digital catalog.

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