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First edition (publ. Tor Books)

Scatterbrain a collection of short stories, novel excerpts and essays by Larry Niven. It was published in 2003, as a sequel to N-Space and Playgrounds of the Mind.


  1. Introduction: Where Do I Get My Crazy Ideas
  2. Destiny's Road (Excerpt from the novel)
  3. The Ringworld Throne (Excerpt from the novel)
  4. The Woman in Del Ray Crater
  5. Loki
  6. Procrustes
  7. Mars: Who Needs It? (Non-fiction for [])
  8. How to Save Civilization and Save a Little Money (Non-fiction for
  9. The Burning City (Excerpt from the novel, with Jerry Pournelle)
  10. Saturn's Race (Excerpt from the novel, with Steven Barnes)
  11. Ice and Mirrors (With Brenda Cooper)
  12. Discussion with Brenda Cooper re: Ice and Mirrors
  13. Smut Talk
  14. Telepresence
  15. Learning to Love the Space Station
  16. Autograph Etiquette
  17. Tabletop Fusion
  18. Collaboration
  19. Intercon Trip Report
  20. Handicap
  21. Did the Moon Move for You, Too?
  22. Hugo Awards Anecdotes
  23. Introduction to Pete Hamilton story Watching Trees Grow
  24. Introductory material for Man-Kzin Wars II.
  25. Canon for the Man-Kzin Wars
  26. Epilogue: What I Tell Librarians