Scenic Falls

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Scenic Falls
Location Hamilton, Ontario
Coordinates 43°14′40″N 79°56′01″W / 43.244578°N 79.933691°W / 43.244578; -79.933691
Type Ribbon/Plunge
Total height 18 m (59 ft)
Total width 6 m (20 ft)
Watercourse Unnamed Creek

Scenic Falls is an 18 metre high ribbon/plunge waterfall found along the west-end of the Chedoke Radial Trail in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.[1] Best viewed after a good rain or snow melt.[2]

Nearby attractions include the Bruce Trail, Chedoke Radial Trail, Stairway to Chedoke Golf Course, Iroquoia Heights Conservation Area and a number of other waterfalls in the area.[3]


Travel to Dundurn Street South to the base of the escarpment and get off halfway up the 326-step metal stairway and make a right onto the Chedoke Radial Trail and head westward towards the Chedoke Golf Course. There are a number of other waterfalls along this trail and they include; Princess Falls, Mountview Falls, Westcliffe Falls, Cliffview Falls, Denlow Falls and Chedoke Falls.[4]


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