Scenic areas of Ihatov

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Taneyama Plains

Scenic areas of Ihatov (イーハトーブの風景地, Īhatōbu no fūkeichi) is a cluster of landmarks in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Ihatov, derived from Iwate, is a toponym created by author Kenji Miyazawa.[1] Spanning the municipalities of Hanamaki (Miyazawa's birthplace), Ōshū, Shizukuishi, Sumita, and Takizawa, in 2005 the landmarks were nationally designated a Place of Scenic Beauty.[2] The Place comprises Mount Kurakake (鞍掛山), Nanatsu Forest (七つ森), Oi Forest (狼森), Tamabuchi Falls (釜淵の滝), England Coast (イギリス海岸), Gorin Pass (五輪峠), and Taneyama Plains (種山ヶ原).[2]

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