Schöfflisdorf-Oberweningen railway station

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Picture taken in March 2015.

Schöfflisdorf-Oberweningen is a railway station in the municipalities of Schöfflisdorf in the Swiss canton of Zurich. The station takes its name from the adjoining municipalities of Schöfflisdorf and Oberweningen. It is located on the Wehntal railway line, and is served by Zurich S-Bahn line S15.[1][2][3] The old station building from the Swiss Northeastern Railway ist still standing, but is disused. A waiting room and bike racks are from 1990 when the Zurich S-Bahn was inaugurated. In the front of the station is the turning loop for the bus line 555 connecting Oberweningen and Schleinikon to the station. The bus line is only operating Monday through Friday during peak hours.

Preceding station Zürich S-Bahn Following station
Niederweningen Dorf   Zürich S-Bahn
S15 line


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Coordinates: 47°29′53″N 8°24′42″E / 47.497966°N 8.411794°E / 47.497966; 8.411794