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SCHÖMA Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik GmbH
FounderChristoph Schöttler Edit this on Wikidata
Schöma and Asper builders plates on the switcher Tm 237 906-3 of the Pesa Company (2010)

Schöma is a company based in Diepholz, Germany, specialising in the construction of small diesel locomotives.

After Christoph Schöttler left his father's business, the Diepholzer Maschinenfabrik Fritz Schöttler (DIEMA), because of disagreements about the product range, in 1930 he founded his own machine factory, the Christoph Schöttler Maschinenfabrik GmbH, on a former premises of DIEMA. As a shortcut he first led SCHÖMAG, which was changed a few years later in Schöma . In the early years, he continued the production of mill machines and tractors, but soon started the construction of rail vehicles.

The Schöma soon became one of the most important manufacturers of field railways, mine railways, narrow-gauge diesel locomotives and railway service vehicles . They also developed own engines and transmissions, as well as a drive shaft for diesel locomotives. At the beginning of the 1960s, Schöma developed in cooperation with the German Federal Railways, the heavy-duty Klv 53 and manufactured in the 1970s, the Klv 54 vehicles.

In 1970, the construction of tunnel locomotives began, today they make up the majority of the locomotives produced. They are used for the construction of subways, traffic tunnels or supply tunnels. In addition to the tunnel locomotives Schöma also manufactures shunting locomotives and locomotives for island railways in normal and narrow gauge. On the day of the 75th anniversary of the company, the 6000th locomotive was delivered. Many locomotives are one-offs. The conversion of used locomotives is also part of the program.

Since May 19, 2011 shows a Schöma-Feldbahn locomotive (built in 1943) with an attached peat car in the middle of a roundabout on the highway between Vechta and Damme in Lohne (Oldenburg) - about seven kilometers from Diepholz away - on the for decades Nearby transport of peat from the Südlohner Moor on the foothills of the Dammer mountains out.

As of 2012, the fourth generation took over the company.


Tunnels where Schöma locomotives have been used: Places where Schöma shunting locomotives are used: Museum and island railways with Schöma locomotives:


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